Bridal Makeup for Arab Women: What to use?

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Once again, I team up with a professional from the industry who offers their expertise gathered from years of experience in the Wedding Industry. I am so pleased to introduce award winning makeup artist and beauty, Lina Waled, who is currently based in two placed during the year: Toronto and Abu Dhabi! This uberly stylish makeup artist and skin care specialist, has lived in the UAE for many years where we attended school together. I am so proud of what she has achieved and her knowledge on how to bring out the best in Middle Eastern brides and women, knows no boundaries. She actually did my makeup on my wedding day too :)


Here are some tips on what cosmetic brands to use and how to apply your own makeup..enjoy!


Having worked on thousands of faces in my beloved UAE, I know what women are looking for. Sweat-proof, natural, yet dramatic makeup. You want beautiful skin that glows and eyes that pop, but not too much.


Use a silicone-based primer like L’Oreal’s studio Secrets before your foundation to seal in pores and give a smooth look to your skin. This is essential to keeping your makeup on in UAE weather.

Use a waterproof, long-wear foundation. I am loving the weightless Luminous foundation by NARS right now, which is light, illuminating and stays put. I’m developing a medium-to-heavy coverage cream foundation which is perfect for Arab skin tone and weather.

A trick I learned, is to apply setting spray like Mist & Fix from Make Up For Ever, on top of your foundation for an extra added “sealing effect”. Wait for this layer to dry and go ahead and apply another layer. You can also spray it on your sponge and dab it to melt the foundation into the skin.

Keep a Studio Fix powder (try the one from MAC cosmetics) in NC in your purse. Stay away from NW’s. If there is a tip I could give every woman in the Middle East, it is this: you are most likely an NC not an NW. What’s the difference? NC is yellow based and NW is pink. Pink toned powders and foundations look ghostly and greyish on Arab skin tones, while yellow looks glowing and like second skin. For some strange reason most women are more like to be sold NW’s. Women have to know to ask for NC.

Keep the powder for touch ups, to mattify the oily areas and also to double as a foundation.

After you apply your foundation, if the coverage is not enough, apply a peach corrector like Bobbi Brown’s with your pinky finger and set it with a loose dusting of powder. If you do not add powder, the concealer will crease.

Do not just line your eyes with black kohl. Instead, line all along your top lash line with black kohl and smudge it with your pinky finger. This technique looks great on everyone, no matter your eye shape or color, and makes your lashes look thicker. Use a shimmering brown or charcoal on the bottom lash line for a beautiful effect.


Finally, choose a lip colour that is a couple shades deeper than your own lip colour. This will be the best way to flatter your skin tone. Your blush should be in the same family as your lip color.

Lina is available for 2016 and 2017 wedding bookings on

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