Did you miss our first Bride Club Expert Piece?


It brings me a great deal of pleasure to share with you my very first expert panel piece for Bride Club Middle East!

There is no better timing for the topic I discuss in my first advice piece, Wedding Trends for 2016!

We hope you enjoy it!

“Wedding season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited! For my first expert piece, it felt the most fitting to introduce the latest trends in themes and styles sought after and in demand by brides in 2016. While I use my own brides’ inspirations as key indicators, I also notice the work of other planners in the Middle East and what they are so successfully bringing to life. In light of Western cultures, our market is quickly catching on to trends that are apparent on social media. Although the clear changes in themes may not change drastically from year to year, yet there are certain updates that are evident. Each year, certain add-ons come into play and other elements are taken out to make the themes that much more updated..”

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