A Look into Candid Kama

I am always so grateful to come across women in the wedding industry who have the ability to see beauty in moments from new and exciting angles. Especially when they are the ones behind the lens, capturing memories for those celebrating. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce the lovely ladies behind Dubai based Candid Kama​ Photography​, Bhumi and Sheetal. I had heard of them during one of The Engage Academy’s regular networking events for the wedding industry, and seized the opportunity to meet them when working on my professional head shots. Clearly, an introduction that was long overdue! These two besties really appreciate colour, how to capture lighting and understand what it takes to create a gorgeous photograph. They directed me on how to position myself, align my head – and so calmly and reassuringly, I would imagine any bride would feel very safe that her pictures would turn out great.

More on the dynamic duo. Their portfolio is quite diverse, which was very refreshing! It ranges from Indian weddings to Middle Eastern and Western expat brides in the UAE. They are even covering their first destination wedding this summer in Bangalore! Their passion for what they do comes out in their conversation (and images). When I first sat down with them, I immediately felt like I had known them for a lot longer. They both come from a career background in Advertising, which means they have had their fair share of staring into images and perfecting creative artworks for clients. When they felt they were ready to move on, they took what they learned from the field and started their business, Candid Kama​ ​Photography. Which allowed them to show their audience what they viewed to be beautiful and image worthy, successfully doing so!

I have no doubt that these ladies will go far in the industry and I strongly recommend you get in touch with them if you are looking to get married anywhere in the UAE.

Please contact Bhumi or Sheetal by email ​at TellMeMore@candidkamaphotography.comPhoto session with Can

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