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#GetOrganised! Second Expert Piece to Bride Club ME

Hello again Cloud 9 readers! I am so excited to share with you my second Bride Club ME’s Expert Panel piece. This one is dedicated to all the brides in the Middle East who are finding it difficult to get organised. There are so many useful tips in here, starting with the most important aspects of the wedding to focus on that will help ease the remainder of the planning process. I’ve used a real bride’s example to explain the different things to think about when making your decisions too.... Read The Rest →

Bridal Makeup for Arab Women: What to use?

Hello readers! Once again, I team up with a professional from the industry who offers their expertise gathered from years of experience in the Wedding Industry. I am so pleased to introduce award winning makeup artist and beauty, Lina Waled, who is currently based in two placed during the year: Toronto and Abu Dhabi! This uberly stylish makeup artist and skin care specialist, has lived in the UAE for many years where we attended school together. I am so proud of what she has achieved and her knowledge on how... Read The Rest →

Did you miss our first Bride Club Expert Piece?

It brings me a great deal of pleasure to share with you my very first expert panel piece for Bride Club Middle East! There is no better timing for the topic I discuss in my first advice piece, Wedding Trends for 2016! We hope you enjoy it! “Wedding season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited! For my first expert piece, it felt the most fitting to introduce the latest trends in themes and styles sought after and in demand by brides in 2016. While I use my... Read The Rest →

Wedding Cake Trends 2016

Today, I am so excited to share with you a fun piece on Wedding Cake Trends for 2016! We joined forces with Dubai based cake decorator, Mona Abou Ghazaleh from Cake Land Dubai and asked her to share her thoughts on the most sought after cakes this wedding season. I am so pleased with what she had to say, and agree with her every bit on what it is brides are after. The UAE has such a wonderful variety of brides with a great mix of styles, it is so... Read The Rest →

Meet Glossy Makeup!

I met Natasha Zaki, owner and head makeup artist of Glossy Makeup, just over one year ago. We instantly clicked and bonded over several topics and I really loved her approach to beauty as a whole. As a woman, and perhaps some of you can relate, we tend to fear facing beauty professionals because of the possibility of being judged. Beauticians, mainly makeup artists, hair stylists, even fashion consultants see tons of women a day- most of whom fall under the conventional type of “beauty”. So it was only fair,... Read The Rest →

Versailles Romantisme: A Collaborative Bridal Shoot with The Nail Spa

I am so pleased to share with you Cloud 9’s second collaborative shoot. The idea for this came to me when I was approached by long time friend and Creative Director of The Nail Spa and Marquee, Sehr Karim. We wanted to introduce a new flavour of what brides seek to the UAE wedding market. When it comes to what women in the UAE look for in terms of beauty and detail, Sehr’s team know best. Therefore, my aim was to create a compliment between both our industries; bridal beauty... Read The Rest →

‘What about my Wedding Cake?’ Cake tips for UAE Brides

Greetings from this long summer day! Taking some time off planning weddings has really given me a chance to reflect on all my experiences with this past season’s couples. Looking back on the differences between what was important to every one of them, helps me work out what future couples need advice on with the wedding planning process. I’ve decided to discuss something that I find most couples in the Middle East do not get enough insight on from planners: The Wedding Cake! Why is the cake such an important... Read The Rest →

A Look into Candid Kama

I am always so grateful to come across women in the wedding industry who have the ability to see beauty in moments from new and exciting angles. Especially when they are the ones behind the lens, capturing memories for those celebrating. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce the lovely ladies behind Dubai based Candid Kama​ Photography​, Bhumi and Sheetal. I had heard of them during one of The Engage Academy’s regular networking events for the wedding industry, and seized the opportunity to meet them when working on my professional... Read The Rest →

A Bride’s ‘Me Time’ @ Tips and Toes

It had been a while since my last visit to any of the Tips n Toes branches. By a while, I mean three years! Upon entering my favourite branch in Abu Dhabi on Khaleej Al Arabi street., the feelings of both nostalgia and comfort came over me. I had missed the immediate ‘zen’ feel from the combination of warm interior décor, the peace and quiet (a policy all branches implement strictly) and the warm greeting with a smile. The salons offer a range of services, from a quick 15 minute... Read The Rest →

The Calm After the Storm

Well, it seems wedding season is coming to a halt, for a while at least, as most of us are gearing up for our summer vacations and/or the Holy month of Ramadan. As it is time for most people to slow down the tempo of their routines and daily activities, my kitchen is just warming up for Fall’s weddings & the exciting projects that are along on the way to your laptop screens. For now, I would like to leave brides-to-be with some worthy notes to think about over the... Read The Rest →

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